The 10 Most Practical and Effective Ways to Stay Positive Every Day

What, staying positive every day?

I know. It sounds impossible, right?

With endless life’s responsibilities intertwined with annoying creatures called colleagues, neighbours or family (ha), you feel there’s more reason to huff about than be positive about.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can control your emotions more than you think.

That includes creating positive environments, therefore positive emotions.

Below are the 10 most practical and effective ways to stay positive every day.

Focus on doing one or two things very well. You’ll be well on your way to having a positive day every day.

Let’s get to it.

1. Letter

Send a motivating and encouraging letter to yourself from here.

After sending a letter to myself, guess what happened?

I forgot all about it. (duh!)

So when the letter came through a month later, I got confused for a split second. Ha. Then upon reading it, I felt a tad touched by my letter!

What can I say? It was a very moving letter.

I thoroughly recommend this.

You’ll find that you aren’t such a doomsayer!

2. Journal

When we focus on our gratitude, the tide of disappointment goes out and the tide of love rushes in.
– Kristin Armstrong

Write a gratitude journal.

When you actively focus on things you’re grateful for, you don’t have time to entertain pessimism or life’s troubles.

Staying positive doesn’t mean we avoid our life troubles, burying our head in the sand.

What we’re saying is, despite life’s ongoing problems, there are so many things to be grateful for. They give us the motivation to handle our issues with a positive attitude.

Most of the times, a positive attitude is all you need to stay positive (and solve the life troubles!).

3. Help

Whether helping friends in need or volunteering for a local charity, being able to contribute keeps you to stay positive.

You’ll feel positive after being useful and feeling needed to someone. Feel connected and generous.

It’ll make you forget your problems and feel you’re rather lucky.

I once volunteered for the homeless on Christmas Day, serving them hot food and chatting with them.

It was definitely one of the most humble experiences I’ve had to this day.

You have much more power than you think to improve other people’s lives.

4. Friends

Share your good news with good friends.

You’ll enjoy your (big or small) accomplishments more and feel more positive.

Be mindful, though. Share your happy event with friends worthwhile to keep around. And stay away from the rest.

Here’s how you tell.

Friends to keep:

  • Those who share genuine happiness for your successes.
  • Those who give you honest and compassionate feedback for your failures.
  • Those who really listen.
  • Those who you feel you can tell anything without being judged.
  • Those who stick around during your hardship.
  • Those who work towards having the quality life hence motivate you to work hard and accomplish more.

Friends to avoid (or ditch!):

  • Those who swiftly change the focus of the conversation to them after you talk about your successes (and make it all about them).
  • Those who bring up someone they know or someone they heard about after you talk about your recent achievements (and make it all about everyone but you).
  • Those who magically disappear as soon as you hit hardship.
  • Those who are lazy, do nothing but complain about the job, the boss and everything in between.

5. Idols / Heroes / Mentors

Have your go-to idols. Or heroes or mentors.

It doesn’t matter as long as she inspires you to better yourself and your life.

How anyone’s life can be dramatically improved by following Kim Kardashian is life’s biggest mystery to me.

For all I know, I’d die of boredom before any debilitating disease gets hold of me. Ha.

But when I read about people like Dr Malvika Lyer who lost both hands to a bomb blast at 13, I’d kick myself to do something.


Next time when you struggle with writing 500+ words blog post or putting off creating a budget, think about for a moment what writing with a tiny bone will be like.

That’s how she wrote her PhD thesis!

6. Be Your BFF

If your best friend asks you how to stay positive, how would you answer her?

You wouldn’t dismiss her with, “what positivity?” or “don’t bother”, would you?

Treat yourself as you’d treat your BFF.

Observe and acknowledge what you feel as you would for your BFF with care and affection.

Now imagine what you’d tell her.

And tell those things to yourself.

Every day.

7. Daydream

Daydream about your ideal future and write about them.

Your dream life in which you have everything you ever wanted. Describe them in details.

Writing clarifies your thinking. And the future you describe boosts your mood and keeps you positive with anticipation!

8. Laugh

Laughter creates a positive emotion that decreases stress, building your emotional strength.

Have funny quotes or sayings where you can see.

Ring up a friend with whom you can crack a silly joke or two.

Read your favourite comedian’s tweet. Watch or listen to comedy.

And how about giving yourself a bellow of laughter?

Just because…

Try any of these natural mood boosters that’ll make you smile silly!

9. Truth

Tell the truth. Don’t lie.

I’m not good enough.

I’m not clever enough.

No one likes me.

I’m worthless.

These are all lies. And there are many more lies.

Stop saying those lies and start saying the truth.

There’s no way you can stay positive with lies whirling around your brain.

10. Choice

Every day we wake up with a privilege to make a choice.

If you feel tempted to feel cynical about it, I dare you to pop into your local cemetery.

You’ll find many people under your feet who don’t get to choose any more.

Until such a day comes, we owe it to ourselves to make the most of our day.

Start with choosing positivity every morning.

Positive will let you do everything better than negativity ever will!

Final Thoughts

As I’ve shared before, you’ll do everything better with positive thinking.

There is no good reason to keep a negative mind and attitude that affects everything we do destructively.

If you haven’t actively tried to change negativity, now is the time to do it.

Take the practical and effective ways above. Practice as many as you can every day.

Enjoy a life of positive attitude and success that follows.

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