6 Signs You’re on the Right Path in Life

Few of us are lucky to find what our true life calling is and can say “I can’t imagine doing anything else”. Find out where you stand.

Are you living a life of purpose?

Or do you find yourself asking if you’re on the right path in life?

Below you’ll find 6 signs you’re on the right path in life.

But if you’re unsure, these questions might help you in your quest for the purpose of life.

Especially the first three questions will serve you well as a solid starting point.

An acquaintance of mine who’s living a successful life once said:

I can’t imagine doing anything else.

I still remember a pang of envy and admiration I felt as I was listening to him.

Maybe you’re like him.

But few of us are lucky to find what our true life calling is.

Even if we find it, it takes courage to live it.

Here’re 6 signs that tell you you’re on the right path, living a life of purpose.

6 Signs You’re on the Right Path in Life

1. You’re Self-Motivated and Energised

When you live a life of purpose, you don’t wait for others to show you a way or give you a direction.

You don’t seek motivation outwardly.

You create your own path, pursue them with fervour and appreciate a sense of achievement and an impact you make on others’ lives.

You’re self-motivated, keep learning, and track the progress of your own accord.

Every morning, you wake up, feeling energetic and excited, looking forward to the day ahead and what a labour of love will bring you.

2. You Look After Yourself

You value your health highly and devote time to maintaining the optimal level of health with the right food and regular exercise.

You understand the key role nutrition and exercise play in keeping fit, helping you focus better and controlling your stress level and maintaining a healthier immune system.

You can’t let failing health get in the way of living a life of purpose!

So, you make health your priority and do everything you can to stay fit.

3. You Feel Content

You may be physically tired at the end of the long workday, but you feel deep satisfaction from doing the work meaningful to you that has a positive impact on others.

You’re satisfied with what you already have and appreciate the opportunity you have to make a difference to the world around you.

You count your blessings frequently.

You have an inner peace that lets you sleep well and in contentment each night.

4. You Have a Powerful Sense of Being Alive and Happy

Living a life of purpose, you radiate spark and passion for life that draws like-minded people to your life.

You love every second of your day doing meaningful work instead of feeling like a hamster on a wheel.

Knowing your life has meaning and value to others makes you live in a great sense of fulfilment and joy.

Your contribution to the world, to humanity and to the universe becomes an endless source of happiness to you.

5. You don’t Let Obstacles Stop You

Your life of purpose is far more meaningful and greater than you for you to give up when you face obstacles and setback.

Your drive will destroy any obstacles in your way. 

You commit not to give up. You stay positive and find a creative solution to work through them.

Sometimes, you may need to go about in a different way to deal with obstacles but you believe in yourself, persist, persevere and overcome them.

6. You Live by Your Core Values and Beliefs

Your core values and beliefs guide you through life choices you make.

They’re the standard you set for yourself. They anchor you to stay on course and enable you to be courageous.

They help you prioritise and choose the right course to follow without conflict in your heart.

Decision making becomes easy and straightforward as there are no doubts but the resolution in your decision-making process.

You don’t make excuses for yourself or seek permission from others.

You have conviction in your core values and beliefs hence live with confidence in your abilities and choices you make.

Final Thoughts

We all have a different life purpose we aspire to live.

When you allow yourself to tune into your higher self, you know whether you’re on the right path.

If your life brings you joy and happiness, you’re probably enjoying all the above, being on the right path in life and living a fulfilled life.

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