10 Super Simple Every day (Small) Stuff on My Happiness List

We often forget it takes little things to be happy. I went through my everyday stuff to appreciate little things that indeed make my life brighter.

If you make a quick list of little things that make you happy, what would your list look like?

You’ll probably come up with an extensive list.

I thought I’d press an imaginary pause button on life and go over little things that make my daily life brighter.

Thanking them for making it easy for me to choose happiness every day.

When you come up with your list, it’ll remind you that happiness doesn’t depend on flashy or grand stuff, hence easy to choose happiness.

Below are those simple things that remind me that everyday happiness is right where I am.

1. Writing

Although my blog got me to write regularly, the inspiration for writing came to me during a conversation with my optician (of all places!).

He’s a partner in the business and chose the profession to support himself (and later his family) financially.

But his genuine passion is painting.

Outside his normal working days, he spends weekends painting in his studio, which he has converted from a garden shed, selling them successfully by word of mouth.

His inspirational story got me talking about my long-forgotten childhood passion, writing.

At the end of our conversation, he said:

You should probably start writing again.

That was it.

And I’m so glad I did just that.

Ever since the pleasant conversation with him, writing has become my number one source of happiness.

2. Morning Coffee

I can’t imagine a day beginning without a cup of coffee.

Nothing beats aroma and taste of coffee, signalling the beginning of the day.

Planning a day ahead with a cup of coffee in hand.

Contemplating what the rest of day would bring.

3. Books – Kindle Unlimited

Here is a super daft thing.

Have you ever thanked unseen objects for their existence?

Kindle Unlimited is it for me. Ha.

I thank for its existence every time I finish a marvellous book.

Millions of books and thousands of audiobooks are a few clicks away.

If you read over two books a month, definitely sign up for Kindle Unlimited.

Want to test out first?

Amazon offers a 30-Day free trial: you can cancel anytime and still enjoy the service for the entire month.

I also thank the authors who make their books available on Kindle Unlimited.

I think every author should make their books available on Kindle Unlimited, doing public service, you know? Ha!

My intense love for Kindle Unlimited has led me to write about advantages of eBooks (that will make you read more!).

4. Kindness from Strangers

Imagine you’re walking on a busy street in the middle of a big city.

Some random person stops, says hello and smiles as you walk past.

Or you do that to a passer-by.

Chances are you’ll attract a few “looks”, right?

Along with a comment similar to “what a weirdo”. ha.

Not long after settling in a small town in southeastern England from London, I was walking along the beach.

An elderly couple passing by said in a gentle and kind voice, “Good morning”, to me.

I remember hesitating for a split second.

How daft!

What can I say – it wasn’t the done thing in London.

These days I’m often the first to say hello to total strangers walking past.

Little smiles from strangers brighten my day.

5. Short Bursts of Exercise

I LOVE my cheap, cheerful and fun mini-trampoline.

As I write this, I just took a break.

Ran counting to 100. Did 50 jumping jacks. Did 25 squats.

All on my mini-trampoline.

I do this several times a day.

It’s an instant mood booster.

There’s a very reassuring piece of health-related BBC news comparing Taichi and Zumba.

According to Dr Jet Veldhuijzen van Zanten, a senior lecturer in biological psychology:

…. any amount and any kind of exercise are good for your health and wellbeing.

See, you can stop putting pressure on you now.

You don’t need vigorous exercise to keep fit. No more feeling guilty about not following what others do or suggest.

Choose the exercise you enjoy the most.

Be happy with whatever amount you put in, so long as you do it regularly.

6. Solitude

Does it sound odd that solitude can be a source of happiness?

If happiness is a peaceful state of mind, solitude contributes a lot to it.

I find the most resonating quote about solitude from Justin Timberlake:

The best part about being alone is that you really don’t have to answer to anybody. You do what you want.
– Justin Timberlake

Some people may conjure up loneliness when reading solitude.

Solitude to me though is about freedom and choice.

7. Taking a Nap

If you aren’t a napper, it’ll take some getting used to.

When I get tired or need to refresh, I sit still on my chair, close my eyes and shut out everything around me.

The effect is amazing.

Here is what one of the famous nap lovers tells us.

Nature has not intended mankind to work from eight in the morning until midnight without that refreshment of blessed oblivion which, even if it only lasts twenty minutes, is sufficient to renew all the vital forces.
– Winston Churchill

Also, a Nasa study on pilots concluded that:

A 26-minute nap improves performance in pilots by 34% and alertness by 54%.

8. Being Outdoors – Bench, Wild Flowers, Sun and Waves of the Sea

Sunny or rainy, there is something in the fresh air, isn’t there?

Whenever I go out, walk along the beach or sit on one of the dedicated benches with “Lindsy loved this view,” I can’t help but fantasise.

I’d let myself become Lindsy for a moment.

Enjoy watching the blue sea. Puppies running around the beach. Absorbing the light breeze on my face and blaring sun.

Just like Lindsy would have done however long ago…

The sound of waves of the sea is therapeutic.

9. Binge TV Shows

They were my rewards after hard work when I signed up for Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.

I signed up for the free trial, got some packages delivered the very next day and cancelled it afterwards.

But free subscription didn’t run out for a month, hence binge-watching a few shows as rewards after hard work!

Short-lived but revived my worn out mind and body that made me happy!

10. Singing a Song

I love singing. I was in a school choir and loved a music class.

Karaoke with colleagues or friends and family was always fun. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face.

Singing is also an awesome mood booster.

When you feel down, I strongly suggest you give it a go!

Final Thoughts

When we get bogged down with daily responsibilities and stress, it’s easy to overlook that everyday happiness is right where we are.

Making a list of everyday stuff that makes you happy will remind you you have far more than you think.

Therefore, you have many reasons to choose happiness.

And everyday happiness is everywhere around you.

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