Is "Never Ever Give Up" a Terrible Advice?

Some say “Never ever give up” is terrible advice.

A more sensible one would be “Know when to give up.”

So which one is right?

Well, if you’re facing the dilemma of choosing between the two, I recommend the former.

Oh, scrap that—always choose the former!

Here’s why.

Someday, you might find yourself in a place where you feel extremely unhappy with your current life.

Your days are filled with jealousy of the successful people around you.

All you seem to be doing is complaining about why your life sucks while others are successful.

You’re drowning in bitterness and resentment to the point that it affects your mental and physical well-being.

With each passing day, your misery deepens.

After a sudden epiphany about life, you declare that you’ve had enough of your sad life.

So you decide to do just about anything to escape from it.

After reading a few blog posts (probably here), you learn that having a big, massive, and meaningful purpose in life is super important.

Apparently, such a goal is necessary to kick our lazy behinds.

Although it’s not the first time you’ve heard it, it finally sinks in.

You feel like that’s exactly what you need.


You think long and hard about it and come up with a grand purpose for your life.

Armed with unwavering conviction (and excitement) to achieve your goals, off you go.

Day and night, you grind your way to turn your dream into reality.

Somewhere along the way, the inevitable obstacles are thrown at you.

You’ve given your all and hit the wall.

But you’ve come a long way to give up so easily. So you explore ways to get past the obstacles.

Find none.


It’s time to decide…

Yet, you still can’t let go.

So you give one last-ditch effort only to arrive at the same conclusion.

You’ve done all you can.

There’s no other option but to give up.

So that’s what you do.

Never Ever Give Up

What you don’t want to do afterwards is give up the big and meaningful purpose that set you off on a journey to forge the life you truly wanted in the first place.

This thing that you just let go is one of the many games you’ll play throughout your lifetime.

The game you lost taught you to be patient and resilient and gave you a chance to hone your skill, acquire knowledge, broaden your network, learn, and adapt.

You’re now an improved version. You come up with a new idea and are ready to participate in another game.

This time, thanks to previous experiences, you play better and are smarter; you are faster, and you’re more tactical and strategic.

Each time you play a new game, your skill set, know-how, and insights are refined and implemented.

With more knowledge and wisdom, you become proactive and highly efficient, dealing with a crisis more effectively and calmly and finding solutions to issues with ease.

Your chance of winning at each game increases.

Lots of Games

Over the course of our lifetime, we’ll play many challenging games.

We may lose some, but we win most as long as we don’t give up.

Every loss and win becomes a foundation of more wins, taking us closer to our ultimate goal.

Then an unexpected thing happens.

A Goalpost Moves!

The goalpost of our ultimate purpose in life shifts.

Just when you’re about to reach your goal, you notice that the goalpost of your life purpose is no longer in the same place.

Through a series of games you play, your interests, passions, and worldview change.

As you win at more games, your goalpost of life purpose moves up yet again.

Before you know it, a new, greater-than-you purpose shows up.

Final Thoughts

You’re “in-play” of one game right now.

You may lose or you may win.

But know that the game you’re playing right now is one of the many games ahead of you.

Each game has wisdom and lessons stored for you.

Don’t ignore them.

Keep learning and improving.

If possible, help others win the game too.

It increases the chance of winning a bigger game together.

No matter how each game plays out, never give up pursuing your meaningful purpose.

It will take you to a place you’ve never imagined.

You’ve never thought it possible.

Remember, magic happens to those who never give up.

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